In the accompanying program Plastal classify persiennes, insect screens, window sub-sills and drip caps and venetian blinds.


Persiennes are unique products whose purpose is protection against the sun, wind, rain, snow, cold and heat. They also provide protection against burglary.
in its program it offers PVC persiennes with internal insulated box and persiennes with external box. Filling of persienne (lamella) can be made of PVC and aluminium.

Insect screens

You need them if you want to enjoy fresh air without mosquito bites, without being disturbed by annoying flies. They serve to prevent the entry to all insect species while enable a flow of fresh air into the room not reducing the visibility and amount of light in the room.
Plastalmanufactures three basic types of insect screeens :

  • roller blinds
  • fixed mosquito nets
  • hinged mosquito nets (doors)

Screen frames are made of plastic and aluminium, and mesh is made of fiberglass resistant to all weather conditions. When the insect screens are installed, you can open and close a door and windows freely.

Window sub-sills and drip caps

Window sub-sills and drip caps complete the final window appearance. They prevent water penetration as well as other damages of the wall under the window and they are useful for flowers pots or some decoration.

Plastal installs 15-50 cm wide PVC sills and drip caps.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are decoration of every interior since they protect you against the sun and curious glances. They control direction and amount of light and represent an ideal solution for all types of openings.

Venetian blinds are installed in the window frame from inside. They consist of a metal plastificated box, mechanism, cord and pole for opening and closing, as well as aluminium slats with final processing in different colors and designs.