In accordance with the company business policy, our manufacture is based on few important factors:

  • qualitative processed materials of reputable European producers


  • support and continuous supplying by verified suppliers who we have established a long-term partnership with


  • manufacture facility equipped with modern machinery and work equipment


  • trained staff with long-term experience who cover all phases from contracting over manufacture to delivery and installation, without subcontractor participation


  • client demands are always priority regardless of whether it is about a natural or legal person, private home or residential building, a window or carpentry for the whole facility


Our usage of modern materials and equipment allows us to fulfill practically every client’s idea when it comes to the shape, dimensions, appearance and quality of acoustic and thermal carpentry insulation.
Besides carpentry, we offer the accompanying program which became unavoidable at the carpentry purchase including insect screens, persiennes, window sills and drip caps.