In the beginning…

About 23 years ago, the company establishers, having already gained years of business experience in Germany, decided to move a part of their business to Serbia in anticipation that this market will accept new technologies in production of constructon carpentry, after a calming down of the situation in the territories of former Yugoslavia.

The equipment was imported from Germany and installed in the hall of the former glass factory „Alba“ in Novi Sad, as well as necessary processed material. We employed workers who needed a little time for training in the production of the „plastic“ windows which they saw for the first time in their lives.

Our development…

It was very hard in the beginning. We had a new and little known product, pretty high prices for this market, a lack of buyers’ trust in quality. But we gave our best attempt convincing people, explaining, visiting villages and towns throughout Vojvodina. We were presenting our products at every fair (even at the Agrocultural). We broke the ice slowly and our first customers didn’t hide their delight and they spread it relentlessly forward to their friends and acquaintances.

When we started, today’s urban Novi Sad’s settlements as Grbavica, Nova Detelinara, Podbara and Telep were just planned settlements (created under some intervention) with old single-storey houses. Today we can boast of the fact that those settlements got a new look due to our effort and cooperation with many investors who were sprouting like mushrooms at the time of strenghthening housing construction in Novi Sad. In this respect we are proud of the first (at that time the most beautiful) Greping’s buildings in Kornelija Stankovica St which have PASTAL’s windows, as well as almost all green buildings in Grbavica built by Aleksandar, entire squares built by Budućnost in Nova Detelinara and an area near to Žitni Trg St built by Vizija.

We have in mind that websites are created in purpose of presenting not boasting, so we won’t exaggerate and we would only like to mention that our carpentry is built in the facilities of ZIG (City Development Institute), Institute in Sremska Kamenica, the largest new kindergarten in Novo Naselje, Institute of Hygiene, etc. We would stop here hoping that those investors who we haven’t mentioned won’t be offended.

Our survival

At the peak of residential construction, new carpentry manufacturers were appearing everyday. Some of them flied high and then disappeared… PLASTAL is maybe the only carpentry manufacturer in the territory of Novi Sad and beyond who can be proud of celebration 19 years of existence and successful work on 22nd of February, 2015. How did we make it?

Well, we :

  • put the buyer of our products in the first place regardless of whether he buys a window or carpentry for the whole building
  • respected the rule that the product quality is the most important and that’s why we have always used materials of reputable German producers who are the best ones in the world for sure
  • realised that the processing quality and carpentry installation are essential bearing in mind that resolving complaints at the field is an additional cost for the enterprise.
  • realised that for the client an important thing is complying with warranty periods and prompt complaints resolving.
  • chose the best suppliers because they noticed that we respect them and settle our liabilities regularly
  • built a successful team in the enterprise having most of them with us from the start because we realised that a happy worker is more productive.
  • made that our clients advertise us for free being satisfied with our product
  • saved every earned penny and wisely invested it in facilities, equipment, fleet vehicle and now we have a characteristic building of Directorate in Novi Sad, manufacture facility in Šajkaš, representative office in Belgrade
  • have a functional line for carpentry production, many delivery and passenger vehicles, full stock of processed materials


We have realised a long time ago that every company could survive if :

  • it is well-organised
  • it has qualitative and affordable resources of supplying
  • it takes care about the quality and price of the product
  • it settles its liabilities regularly
  • it respects its workers and regularly pays salaries
  • it avoids an exposure to unnecessary expenses and risks


We did it. We didin’t fire workers neither when the production volume decreased significantly due to the drop in residential construction. Salaries were always on time during these 23 years. We don’t owe anyone and we have an army of satisfied clients from Subotica across Novi Sad and Belgrade to Montenegro.