Large energy savings are achieved by installation of the thermalinsulative glass in the carpentry. Now it has become a rule in their manufacture, especially when it is about the carpentry from aluminium and PVC profiles.

Izopan is a special construction from two or more glass plates with one, two or more air compartment (a space between two glass plates). Compartments are limited by porous spacing profile filled with a matter which absorbs moisture and they are hermetically closed (sealed with the special mass). The compartment is filled with dry air, and because of that, there cannot apear condesation or glass bluring.

To increase energy efficiency of the classic izopan glass, the compartments can be filled with inert gases (argon and krypton).
Izopan with low emission glass takes presedence in the market.

Low emission glass is a glass with the special coating layer applied in the glass surface in such a way that low emission glass reflects approximmately 80% of energy back to the room which is lost irreversibly in other cases.

Izopan glass with two or more compartments and with one or more low emission glass plates is manufactured by the new technology. We get the izopan glass that has maximum energetic efficiency by filling compartments with argon.